Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Smackerels and Provisions

The weather was lovely yesterday, so George and I decided to seize the opportunity for a picnic tea.

For me there is something extra special about a picnic tea, more so than a picnic lunch.  They remind me of long summer evenings growing up when my mum would take me and my brothers up on the Mendips for afterschool picnic teas, eating Yeo Valley blackberry custard yoghurts (before it was all posh and organic!) on Blackdown Trigpoint with its 350 degree views of Wales and the Westcountry... Somehow being able to have your supper outside in a field somewhere and walk home all before the sun has gone down just epitomises Summer at its best. 

Being a Mendips girl I am partial to a good hill view so we took our provisions up onto Purdown and made a den in the long grass, looking out across the rooftops and railway lines.  Seems the balloonists of Bristol were seizing the nice evening too as no less that six floated over our heads while we were eating. 

Fingers crossed for more warm, dry evenings!


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