Sunday, 8 July 2012


I'm an accidental collector of teapots.

I'm a bit bored of the one I mainly use (Cath Kidston), so currently covetting any of these guys:

Top L-R: Vintage Denby, Dahlhaus Ceramics, Orla Keily. Bottom L-R: Marimekko, Vintage enamel, House of Rym. 

Sadly they are all either rather expensive (I  L O V E  the Marimekko one but just couldn't justify £60 on something I am damn likely to break!), or vintage pieces not widely available.

More affordable options would be

Vintage Denby - more common than the one above!


Not too keen on the Ikea one as it is, but for £6.99 it could be worth seeing what I can do with some bake on china pens?  I've been wanting to give those a try since getting my new Lotta Jansdotter book, 'Handmade Living' - not sure my designs would be as good as hers though!

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