Sunday, 29 July 2012

Last week in pictures

It has been good times in the Harvey-McKenzie household!  And outside of it too...
Mainly outside of it in fact, for the sun has shone hard on little Bristol.

So there've been trips to Avoncliff for river swimming ( I was brave and entered the water the extreme way by leaping off a rope swing), an unexpected jaunt to Ashton Court to soak up some vitamin D, and many nice candle lit suppers outside after the sun has gone down.  Just lovely.  Even with all the bitey insects that seem to like our little garden (and our bare arms and legs) so much.

In other news I am making PLANS.  An Autumn trip to Stockholm, and some very early and tentative plans for a recipe book, who knows what will come of that but thinking about it is fun, not to mention tasty.

Stockholm plans are making me very excited, it is joint my favourite place in the world (with Bristol!) and at the moment I am missing it very much... I am trying to bring as much of the Scandinavian into our little house as possible to ease the withdrawal symptoms.  My lovely friend Rosie pointed me in the direction of Krims Krams, a beautiful blog written by a Brit in Norway, her pictures are truly stunning and make me long for wooden beds in the roof and dips in the fjords, not to mention all manner of beautifully designed Scandinavian homewares.

Photo by Lisa Kjellerod
I shall have to make do with a trip to Ikea to stock up on coffee and a wander round bargain corner :D



  1. Oh you should most definitely do a cookery book! Oh yes indeed! xx

  2. WELL Rosiebobs, I'm delighted you should feel that way, as you may be somewhat implicated in this plan! In the unlikely even it ever comes together, can I commission you to do some illustrations? It's going to be vegetarian Scandinavian (of course...) so it'd be awesome to have some Scandi/50s style chapter headings, sorta like this -

    I remember we talked about this years ago, you're totally my number one choice for cookbook illustration! x

  3. OH YES PLEASE I would LOVE to!!! Oh Yes, we should definately do it! :o)


  4. Hurray!! Thank you Rosie! I'm going to start a food blog first I think to gather some recipes together, and see how that goes! I'm already working on it :D

  5. Hi! Thank you for featuring my blog! Glad you like it! X

    1. I love it! I spent almost a whole weekend reading back through the archives :D