Sunday, 24 June 2012

A sheepish return

I'm back!

And I'm rather annoyed at myself for letting my blog fall by the wayside so quickly.  I do so want to be a regular blogger with readers and blog-friends and some kind of consistent output... Does anyone have any tips for having some kind of blog routine?  Do you have special blogging time at a similar time each day?  And what do you prefer to read, long and detailed or little and often?  I think I want to be a little and often blogger, but I tend to save up things to blog in my head and then have a lot I want to share when I finally make some time to sit down and do it.  Of course sharing a computer with my partner doesn't help!

Although I've been quiet on the blog/commenting front rest assured that I've been reading other people's with great enthusiasm!  What a lot of wonderful inpiration there is out there.  Special mention to Jen at Little Birdie and Lou at Little Green Shed for a) being awesome and b) introducing me to some more wonderful blogs - 4etg, My Rainbow Vintage Home, Scraps of Us, you're all fab!

So, what have I been doing if not blogging?  All the usual Sarah Activies - baking, homemaking, some very amateur gardening, daytripping.... in the spirit of 'Little and Often' there will be some more blog posts to follow with snapshots of my current doings!  A little sneak peak into some of the things below...

 More soon x


  1. Lovely to have you back Sarah, I missed you xx

    1. Aww thank you Rosie, that encourages me to keep up my determination to keep at it! xx

    2. p.s. come back to Bristol soon, I want to introduce you and Ellie to each other! I think you will like her x

  2. Oh I KNOW I will like her!!! Yes definitely! There are possible plans we might come some time in July so I'll keep you posted! xxx