Monday, 9 April 2012

Oversleeping on Monday

 It may be grey and rainy outside but I have woken up in a tip top happy mood!  It's amazing what a couple of extra days off can do.  It's raining now but Summer will come, and this week is my birthday, and I have super fun planned - Lido, dinner with my oldest pal, pot luck party with (nearly) all my favourite folks, hurray! The sun is shining in my heart.

I've got the house to myself for the day so been doing some chores, in the search for some upbeat 'housework music' I've been working my way through my now rarely listened to collection of indiepop cds which soundtracked my early 20s, and come across these guys:


They might be totally daft but they can't fail to make me grin, I've been bopping around the kitchen like a kid who's had too much orange squash.  So turn it up loud and do it too!

Happy Easter everyone! xxx

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  1. Hope you have a super birthday :) Ellie looks like such a sweetie x