Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cup of sunshine

Sorry for the gap in posts!  Since I last wrote I have been for trips to Poland and Cardiff, gosh!

Poland was a bit challenging in some ways, I felt inexplicably down the first couple of days, I think I've just had more than my fill of dark, cold, wintery-ness, so on reflection, choosing Poland for our holiday location may have been a bit of an error.  But it was nice re-visiting the places we went to on our first ever holiday together, drinking honey vodka in Alchemia - the most amazing dark little bar in the Jewish quarter, it looks a bit like a bizarre theatre set, filled with crazy knick knacks and an odd magical quality (the entrance into the back room is through a wardrobe!)

And it made it all the more wonderful to return to what truly seems like the start of Spring.  There is a definite change in the air - the evenings feel more leisurely now that I can walk home from work in the light, there have been moments where I've not worn a coat, our first daffodil is out in the garden!  I need to find where our nearest magnolia is, there were so many near our flat and they made me so happy to see them coming into bud at this time of year, with their strange, alien like flowers.

So our trip to Cardiff was warm and sunny and filled with cheer.  We went to see Jonathan Richman at Clwb Ifor Bach, and who can be glum when Jonathan Richman is singing about being a bratty teenager and shaking sleighbells in time with his hips just in front of you?

I had the next day off so I went to John Lewis and got these cute-as-a-button nesting tables I've had my eye on for ages... They'd sold out just about everywhere but lo and behold the Cardiff shop had one display pair left reduced to half price! Score!  Perfect for a Saturday morning tea break.

I forgot to take my Christmas vouchers with me, which while annoying at the time, means I now have to find £50 worth of things to buy in John Lewis, how terrible...!

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  1. Oh I remember that lovely magnolia tree, it's the best one in Bristol :o) Good work on the nesting tables too, what a find! I promise I will be back to blogging soon and keep you updated with my new surroundings. Hope you're well lovely. xxx