Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Weekend in pictures

A fine weekend! George had Saturday and Sunday off work (unheard of) so we had the whole weekend for fun times.  I have to say, weekend times are much more fun now we aren't falling over each other in our tiny flat!  Here there seems to be room to be ourselves and do our own thing, but together, companionably.  If that makes sense (is companionably even a word?)

Saturday was the 'Love Farm' festival at the City Farm so we popped along for some hot cider by the campfire and a little stroll around, I even managed to acquire a gorgeous vintage teatowel (photo later) from a shop set up in the greenhouse, score!

The on Sunday we took a journey up into the sky on the Bristol wheel, it was awesome.  It's the height of 15 double decker buses, a fact I don't think I'd quite registered until I started to feel pretty darn freaked out and George pointed out we were only half way up, eek...

After the first nerveracking climb to the top my fear was overtaken with delight at the amazing views, it was just before sunset and the sun was breaking through the clouds in glorious rays, over the city below.  It amused me how much Cabot Circus resembles an ant farm from above.


We ended the weekend with my favourite kind of Sunday Supper, soup, bread, cheese, wine... The soup was tomato and coriander from 'Scandilicious' so I notched up the Scandi-ness with some gravadlax on krisprolls, yum.

A fine weekend indeed. x.

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