Sunday, 19 February 2012


Tete a Tete

It's only recently I've realised how much I love the colour yellow.  It seems to pop up a lot this time of year, daffodils in the shops and on the verges, my kalanchoe coming into flower, like little bright flags to let you know that Spring is on its way.  Such welcome spots of colour after the paleness of Winter!  I've been making the most of it with yellow florals on the bed, baking saffron bread and lemon curd, and buying pots of Tete a Tete to pop in corners our house (something about home ownership has made me obsessed with pot plants).

Making Swedish Saffron Bread

Spring Florals On The Bed

Lotta Kuhlhorn Mug from Illustrated Living

Vintage Pillow Cases

Kalanchoe Flowering

Vegan Lemon Curd

Today is gorgeous, blue blue skies and sunshine!  George is drilling holes in the wall for curtains (oh what luxury!) and then we're off to town for a ride on the big wheel, I've been saving it for a sunny day to make the most of the views from up high.

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  1. Ah Sarah welcome back to blogland, I missed you! x

    1. Thank you Rosiebobs! Lovely to see you today :D xx