Monday, 12 March 2012


Less than two weeks til the clocks change!  I always get so antsy this time of year, can never just enjoy it for what it is, I'm always impatient for light evenings, warm sun and Spring Proper.  Especially this year, in a new house with a garden - I just can't wait to get out there and use it, my head is full of garden based daydreams involving pot luck suppers and tea lights and herb beds and after work card games with a glass of wine (my favourite). 

It's only a very little garden as you can see, but all the months spent waiting to complete on the house were spent obsessively researching courtyard spaces (I needed something to occupy my mind given how long it all takes!) so I have a lot of ideas.

I particularly like the whitewashed walls in these gardens from Ikea Live, they really brighten up the enclosed space - the back wall of ours is already whitewashed so we're halfway there, I'm hoping to do the others too.  And have lots of bright pots like the bottom picture - opposite the kitchen window so I can look at them when I wash up.

Roll on British Summer Time!


  1. Hi, your garden looks really sweet and you have some lovely ideas. I can't wait for proper Sring to be here either. We are in the process of buying our own house from rented so i can't wait for it to go through so we can get out and do bits in the garden.

    1. Thank you Caroline! How exciting to be buying your house! I bet you have lots of ideas of things to do with it once it's all yours, good luck, I was so impatient during the final stages of completing on ours :D Where do you live? Less than a week til British Summer Time! x

    2. Thank you, yes we have loads of ideas for both outside and in, Live in Bognor west Sussex, it's actually my mums house we are buying as she is moving so we have been round there today making plans! Just hope it all goes through ok now. X