Sunday, 9 December 2012

The advent of Christmas

Hello dear blog, and even dearer readers who still occasionally pass by! (Thank you!)

Well, can you believe it is December?

Uh uh, me either!  It really is true that time goes quicker as you get older.  This time last year I was crossing my fingers and toes that our house would complete so we could be in by Christmas (we weren't), and while it seems as though this has been our home for a long while now it also seems hard to believe we've been here nearly a year.

But December it is.

Now, normally, I am quite strict about exercising restraint when it comes to festive celebrations and suchlike.

I remember when I was little I had the 'Now That's What I Call Christmas' cassette tape (full of 80s festive classics!) which I loved, and I used to force myself to wait until at least December 15th before I was 'allowed' to listen to it.  In my family, the VERY earliest the tree went up would be 2 days before Christmas (even that usually involved no small amount of pleading on my part), and I've always stuck to holding out until fairly late in the day before cracking out all the festive shenanigans.

But today I have decided that what life needs is a little festive cheer!  As good as life is these days, it is still an ongoing battle to keep my mental health in check (I have struggled with anxiety and depression since my teens), well, perhaps battle is the wrong word as for the most part these days I am able to manage it, but the last month or so it has got the better of me a little.  So I am throwing Christmas caution to the wind as a little extra colour and merriness is just what I need.  I've made Finnish Christmas stars, I have mulled wine, and I am listening to the Messiah...


Happy Advent everybody!



  1. Happy Advent! The room looks so cozy and festive. Tune into Smooth Christmas on the digital radio, that is full of cheer! x

  2. I LOVE the paper stars, bootiful! xx